How To Build Garden Boxes | Cut List, Materials, and Instructions With Video Overview | list by Andy

How To Build Garden Boxes | Cut List, Materials, and Instructions With Video Overview

Use this tutorial to build beautiful rot-resistant garden boxes. There is an accompanying video overview to show you the process and you can copy the list and change it for your needs.

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Cut List

27" x 23.5" - side walls of corrugated roofing

24" x 4" corner flashing

37 3/4" - top plate short sides long edge

61 3/4" - top plate long sides long edge

36 3/4" - bottom frame short sides long edge

60 3/4" - bottom frame long sides long edge


Redwood 2x4s

24x for every 4 boxes or 6x per box

Corner flashing

4x for every 4 boxes (8' long) or 1x per box

Corrugated roofing

5x per 4 boxes or 2x per box (with waste)

3 1/2" deck screws

1" Roofing screws

Blades to cut through the metal


Mark all of your wood

The ends will will be mitered at the same angle and the middle 45 degree line should be angled so you end up with 2 trapezoids. Once mitered at a 45 degree angle the shorter end of the frame should be 37 3/4 on the long side and the longer end of the frame should be 61 3/4 on the long side.

Cut all of your wood

Assemble the frames

Mark all of your corner flashing

Cut the corner flashing

Make sure you have a few blades for this because you'll likely need more than 1 if you are making more than 1 box

Using the roofing screws, install the flashing on the frames

Set the frame with the flashing on top of another frame

Screw in the other frame

Cut the corrugated roofing to 23 1/2" x 27" (comes 27" standard)

Screw these pieces into the frame to create the walls

Line up and screw down the top plates

Sand any imperfections

Tools Used

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