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Create Lists to Attract, Engage, and Grow

Short-form content is the future. If you have something to say, skip the fluff and publish the good stuff. Whether it’s a guide you made for yourself or content you want to share with an audience, Yada Yada Yada™ makes it easy.

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Share What You Know More Efficiently

Publishing a list is fast, and we made it faster with "Smart Paste." If you already have content, you can paste it into our editor, and it will generate a list from line breaks automagically. Simply republish your existing content and more people will read your work. Watch the quick demo.

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Get Discovered & Reach A New Audience

It's simple. Creating quality guides will get you discovered by more people. Top lists are featured in more places, which drives more traffic to your brand. So set up your profile, claim your name, and expand the reach of your brand with SEO optimized lists and guides.

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What content creators need

A faster way to publish

Lists and guides are an easy short-form way for you to quickly share your own experiences, instructions, recommendations, and grow your audience.

Copy and Customize

We’re all here to read and write lists. When you see one that you like, you can make a copy of the list and customize it to make it just right for you.

Share your Knowledge

Interested in contributing? You’re in. Bullet, numbered, check lists. We provide the format, you the ideas. Publish a list about anything... or keep it private if you’re a hoarder.

Browse and Enjoy

No need to be all formal about it. Feeling curious? Search for the topic. There’s probably a list about it. If not, ask the community to see if there’s an expert out there for you.

Why join?

Our team is passionate about taking life’s useful knowledge making is more accessible. As a creator, Yada Yada Yada™ helps you grow your audience with a structure that’s easy to work with and optimized to rank on search engines. You don’t even have to be a good writer – anyone can make a list! Give it a try right now.

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