Comprehensive Yosemite Backpacking Packing List | list by JustStart

Comprehensive Yosemite Backpacking Packing List

The following list is a great starting place for a non-guided backpacking trip in Yosemite. Copy and modify to suit your specific needs.

Personal Items and Toiletries

Water bottles or hydration system


Biodegradable soap

Toilet paper

Hand Sanitizer

Women's hygiene


Plastic zip bags

Insect repellent

Quick drying towel

Glasses or contacts



Binoculars (optional)

Cell phone and charger

Service can be spotty

Personal location beacon (optional)

Pen & paper

Fishing gear (optional)

Credit card & cash

National Park pass

Leave a trip itinerary with a friend and put on under your car seat

Let's other know where you are expected to be in case of an emergency

Clothing and Footwear

Adjust these item based on the season and be prepared for up to 30 degree temperature differences between the day and night.

Wicking underwear

Wicking sports bra

Wicking T-shirt and long-sleeve shirt

Quick drying pants

Quick drying shorts (seasonally dependent)

Insulated jacket or vest

Rain jacket

Sun shielding hat or baseball cap

Hiking boots or shoes suitable for the expected terrain

Synthetic or wool socks and spares

Gaiters (optional)

Sandals or water shoes

Swimwear (optional)



Needs to be properly fitted and large enough to hold a bear canister

Small lightweight daypack (optional)

Tent with guylines and repair items

Sleeping bag


Watch (with altimeter if possible)

Knife or multi-tool

Guidebook or maps

LED headlamp and extra batteries

Highly recommended is the Black Diamond Spot 325 Headlamp:

Water filter and backup treatments

Stove, fuel and repair kit

Matches or lighter

Fire starter

Duct tape strips


The length of your trip will determine quantities, but strive for lightweight options that are nutritiously dense.


Suggestions: granola, freeze-dried breakfasts, oatmeal


Suggestions: smoked salmon, bagels, cheese


Suggestions: pasta, rice, dried fruit


Suggestions: candy bars, dried fruit, nuts, cookies, GORP

Electrolyte drink mix

Extra day's supply of food