Medano Pass Primitive Road Mileage Guide - Great Sand Dunes, Wet Mountain Valley and CO State HWY 69 | list by JustStart

Medano Pass Primitive Road Mileage Guide - Great Sand Dunes, Wet Mountain Valley and CO State HWY 69

Follow this 22 mile road connecting the Great Sand Dunes with the Wet Mountain Valley. This can only be done in the warmer months and only with a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

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General Info

Roadside camping is permitted only at 21 numbered campsites in Great Sand Dunes National Preserve beginning 5.2 miles from where the road begins near Piñon Flats Campground.

Visitors that do not have a 4WD vehicle but would like to experience the Medano Road may contact Pathfinders 4X4, the only permitted 4WD tour provider.

Mileage Chart

To use this guide, set the odometer to zero at the western entrance of the primitive road. Reduce tire pressure to about 20 psi if the sand is dry and soft. A free air station is available near the south entrance to the road in warmer months between the hours of 7AM and 9PM.

0.0 End of Paved Road: start of Medano Pass Primitive Road.

0.2 Garden Creek: flows until mid-summer

0.5 Buck Creek: intermittent stream

1.0 Sawmill Creek: flows until mid-summer.

1.1 Point of No Return: 4WD vehicles ONLY past this point. Sand Ramp Trail access.

1.4 Ponderosa Point Picnic Area: view of Mt. Herard (13,297’) and dunes.

1.8 Sand Pit: DEEP SAND! Reduce tire pressure to about 20 pounds if sand is soft

2.6 Castle Creek Picnic Area: picnic tables, vault toilet. Park only in designated areas.

3.3 Horse Canyon: views of eastern dunes and foothills.

4.5 1st Crossing of Medano Creek: spring runoff can be very deep! Use caution.

4.6 Old Fire Road: closed to vehicles. 1/2 mile walk to ridge with good views.

5.0 Sand Ramp Trail: trail crosses road. Overnight backpacking permit required.

5.2 Park/Preserve Boundary: roadside campsites begin, numbered by mileage from

boundary. 8 campsites over next 0.3 mile.

5.6 2nd Crossing of Medano Creek

5.9 More Campsites: 2 campsites over next 0.5 mile.

6.1 3rd Crossing of Medano Creek: look for bighorn sheep in meadows and cliffs.

6.2 Herard family’s 1870s homestead site (only foundation remains).

6.4 4th Crossing of Medano Creek

6.8 5th crossing of Medano Creek: 4 campsites over next 0.9 mile.

6.9 Tight squeeze: narrow roadway, boulders on roadsides. Use caution!

7.2 6th crossing of Medano Creek

7.7 Crossing of a Tributary Creek

7.8 Two alternatives: left side usually best.

7.9 7th Crossing of Medano Creek: road steeper ahead.

8.4 More campsites: 1 campsite within next 0.3 mile.

8.6 Creek Crossing of a Tributary Creek.

8.8 Beaver Dams: long meadows, marsh, and beaver dams.

9.0 Three Cabins: burned in 2010 wildfire.

9.5 More Campsites: 6 campsites over next 1.5 miles.

9.6 8th Crossing of Medano Creek

10.6 Creek crossing of a Tributary Creek.

10.7 Medano Lake Trailhead: trailhead at end of short spur road.

11.0 Irrigation ditch: steep section ahead.

11.2 Medano Pass: elevation 10,040’ above sea level.