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Yellowstone Itinerary For a 4 Day Trip

This is a free editable itinerary for your visit to Yellowstone National Park. The area is massive park so it is recommended to visit for a minimum of 3 – 4 days in the park if can.

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Day 1

Geyser day

Old Faithful

Start off by having breakfast on the verandah of the Old Faithful Cafeteria. The view of Old Faithful is superb and its a great start to the day.

Grand Prismatic & Excelsior Geysers (Midway Geyser Basin)

There are several boardwalks to see Excelsior and Grand Prismatic which are all accessible to wheelchair users.They are setup as one-way near the pools, which cuts down on the congestion.

Firehole Lake Drive and Fountain Paint Pots

There are several active geothermal pools, geysers and formations along this route. This one way scenic drive has plenty of interesting stops, including Pink Cone Geyser and Young Hopeful Geyser. If you need to skip something for time make it the Fountain Paint Pots since it is one of the busier areas.

Norris Geyser Basin via Grand Prismatic

This will take around a 1 hour hike to reach. Don't forget to bring water and snacks.

Day 2

South eastern part of the park

Yellowstone Canyon & Artist Point

This is easy to reach and offers incredible views up to the Lower Falls as well as down the canyon. Follow this with a drive along the North Rim Drive to Lookout Point and Grand View.

Hayden Valley

There is usually wildlife everywhere and there are easy views out over the valley. This is an incredible drive and should not be missed. Follow the rules and keep your distance from wildlife.

Mud Volcano

You'll know it by the smell of the sulphur, this is a great roadside stop to see the burping mud puddles.

West Thumb Geyser Basin

This is a great colorful scenic area that is less congested than some other areas.

Old Faithful at dusk

The light can be very dramatic at night and is worth seeing again, or catch it on the 2nd day if you missed it the first day.

Day 3

North-west of the upper loop

Bunsen Peak

The rock formations are more of a drive-by attraction.

Upper Terrace Loop Drive, Mammoth Springs

This is a single lane one-way drive that winds up behind the upper terraces and is a nice change of scenery. The thermal spring formations are great and worth the drive.

Palette Springs & Devil’s Thumb

These are spectacular formations that shouldn't be missed

Blacktail Plateau Drive

This is great for wild life spotting, patience is required.

Day 4

On day 4 go see the things you might have missed from the first 3 days

Go to Canyon Village and walk Uncle Tom’s Trail

Lamar Valley

Full of Bison herds and wildlife, this is a great place for a photographer

Cooke City, Red Lodge, Beartooth Highway

These are great stops to make if you have time.

Shorter versions of the itinerary

If you only have 1 day do Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic and Hayden Valley.

If you only have 2 days do Old Faithful, Hayden Valley, Artist Point, and Mammoth Springs

If you only have 3 days skip Fountain Paint Pots, Museum of the National Park Ranger, and Uncle Tom’s Trail.


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