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Your Guide to Big Bend National Park

Take a trip to Big Bend National Park. This guide includes hours, weather, fees, maps, and directions. Make a copy and use it for yourself!

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There is a place in Far West Texas where night skies are dark as coal and rivers carve temple-like canyons in ancient limestone.

Here, at the end of the road, hundreds of bird species take refuge in a solitary mountain range surrounded by weather-beaten desert.

Tenacious cactus bloom in sublime southwestern sun, and diversity of species is the best in the country.

This magical place is Big Bend...


Several highways lead to Big Bend National Park: TX 118 from Alpine to Study Butte or FM 170 from Presidio to Study Butte (then 26 miles east to park headquarters) or US 90 or US 385 to Marathon (then 70 miles south to park headquarters). Distances between towns and services are considerable. Be sure you have plenty of gas, food, water, and supplies for your trip.

GPS: lat:29.29817767, long:-103.2297897

Physical address: 1 Panther Junction, Big Bend National Park, TX, 79834

Mailing address: PO Box 129, Big Bend National Park, TX, 79834-0129


The fee includes all occupants of a private, non-commercial vehicle and is valid for 7 days.

Fee applicable to one individual walking in or bicycling in and is valid for 7 days.

Non-commercial groups with a vehicle capacity of 15 or less pay a per vehicle fee.

Non-commercial groups with a vehicle capacity of 16 or more pay a $12.00 per person fee. Children 15 and younger are free. Annual and lifetime passes may be used.

$12 per client; passes may not be used. Business is required to obtain commercial use authorization. Bus tours, 25 person capacity or greater, $200 (commercial use authorization not required).


Big Bend is a desert park, so be prepared for extreme conditions.

SPRING: From February through April the park abounds with pleasant and comfortable temperatures.

SUMMER: May through September is very hot. Temperatures will exceed 100 degrees in the lower elevations by late morning, and often exceed 110 along the Rio Grande. Afternoon thunderstorms can be a welcome respite.

WINTER: October through January temperatures are cooler; the weather can quickly turn cold at any time during these months.

Contact Information

Phone: 432-477-2251

Hours for Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is always open. You can enter and exit at any time of the day or night. Park entrances are open 24 hours daily, all year. View closures:

Sunday: All Day

Monday: All Day

Tuesday: All Day

Wednesday: All Day

Thursday: All Day

Friday: All Day

Saturday: All Day