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Your Guide to Big Hole National Battlefield

Take a trip to Big Hole National Battlefield. This guide includes hours, weather, fees, maps, and directions. Make a copy and use it for yourself!

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On August 9, 1877 gun shots shattered a chilly dawn on a sleeping camp of Nez Perce.

By the time the smoke cleared on August 10, almost 90 Nez Perce were dead along with 31 soldiers and volunteers.

Big Hole National Battlefield was created to honor all who were there.


Big Hole National Battlefield is located on Highway 43 ten miles west of the town of Wisdom in southwestern Montana. Bear Paw Battlefield is located on Route 240 sixteen miles south of the town of Chinook in north-central Montana.

GPS: lat:45.64647324, long:-113.6458443

Physical address: 16425 Highway 43 West, Wisdom, MT, 59761

Mailing address: P.O. Box 237, Wisdom, MT, 59761


Big Hole is fee free!


This climatic region is typified by large seasonal temperature differences, with warm to hot (and often humid) summers and cold (sometimes severely cold) winters.

Wisdom has a humid continental climate.

Contact Information

Phone: 4066893155

Hours for Big Hole National Battlefield Visitor Center

The park is open from sunrise to sunset year round. At the park you can enjoy the visitor center, observation deck and walking trails. Please refer to visitor center hours for times as to when the visitor center is open. The observation deck is located off the east side of our visitor center, open year round and provides a great view of the entire battlefield. The walking trails are accessed from our lower parking lot during the summer and from our upper gate during the winter.

Sunday: Sunrise to Sunset

Monday: Sunrise to Sunset

Tuesday: Sunrise to Sunset

Wednesday: Sunrise to Sunset

Thursday: Sunrise to Sunset

Friday: Sunrise to Sunset

Saturday: Sunrise to Sunset