How to increase traffic to your Yada Yada Yada content | list by Official

How to increase traffic to your Yada Yada Yada content

Improve traffic to the lists and guides you create on with the tips in this helpful guide. Click to learn more!

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Create lists and guides that beg to be copied and personalized by your audience

Tag lists with relevant keywords

Optimize your content based on Yada Yada Yada's best practices

Include call to actions when sharing content that invites users to like, bookmark, or copy your content

Psst... More "actions" on content improves the visibility of it within the platform search results

Share lists and guides on your personal or business accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

Boost these social posts for additional visibility

Copy the direct link and share it other ways, such as via email, text or on your website

When you copy the URL from the list, it includes a unique UTM code so you can easily analyze website traffic from different lists

Install the Pinterest Save Button on Chrome extensions to quickly create new pins from lists and guides

Host a giveaway for users who like, save and/or copy your lists and guides

Create and share new content consistently

Add links to your Yada Yada Yada content from your website